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Greeting of Chairman of Puhovichi Region Executive Committee

Dear friends!

Lenkovets SergeyAmazing earth Puhovski – a land of ancient stories and legends, hardworking and talented people! Some kind of special goodness and wisdom emanates from this spacious land with a unusual black birch trees, lovely lakes and rivers. The life itself has suggested to nature that Pochavsya is the center of the Republic of Belarus. In 1996, may 31, near the village of Antonovo novoselkovsky village Council have set up a special geodesic sign indicating this important event. Finding the center of Belarus on Puhovski – this is not only the pride of the people in your unique area, but also a kind of symbol of unification of peoples living on this beautiful earth.

Pukhavichy district was formed on 17 July 1924.

Pukhovichi earth born heroes of the Soviet Union: P. I. Guchok, M. Zelenkin P. V. Kostyuchik, A. I. Kraiko, V. E. Lobanok, A. F. Lutsevich, E. G. Mazanik, N. P. Chepik; Heroes Of Socialist Labor: N. I. Borkun, V. A. Butsevich, A. M., Voronetsky Zmachinski M. R., A. S. Flint, G. F. Nazarov, S. K. Narkevich, I. I. p., A. A. Pranovich, S. P. Tarashkevich, E. R. jurkiewicz, M. E. jurkiewicz, statesmen: I. F. Kudelka, V. E. Lobanok, V. A. Matskevich, M. V. Podgainy, S. A. Filatovich, V. V. Primacy, A. G. Chervyakov; academicians S. A. Astapchik, I. S. Lupinovich, I. D. Yurkevich; writers: Mihas Charot, Vladimir Khadyka, Makar Posledovich, Ales, Bachilo etc.; composers and musicians Igor Luchenok, Joseph among other.

On Pochavsya live open, helpful people, hard workers all sectors of the economic sphere. It is gratifying that, thanks to their tireless care, from year to year strengthens the socio-economic situation of the district, housing construction, community facilities, landscaped regional centre and other settlements improves the well-being of families.

I believe Pugovkina will make every effort to continue the glorious history of our region. I wish all the residents and guests of our district strong health and inexhaustible optimism, peace and prosperity, wealth and peace of mind.

Chairman of the Pukhavichy district Executive Committee
Lenkovets Sergei Dmitriyevich

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