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Land plot

Information on the availability of land proposed for transfer of peasant (farmer) farms (download in format.xls)

The List of available (unoccupied) land plots on the territory of gardening partnerships on 01.10.2017 (download in format.xls)

The List of available (unoccupied) land plots in the settlements of the Pukhavichy district 01.10.2017(download in format.xls)

Deposits of solid minerals on the territory of Pukhavichy district (download format .doc)

SINGLE LIST of CITIZENS wishing to acquire land for the construction and maintenance of one-flat, blocked dwelling-houses in Maryina Gorka, der. Grove, village. Isbase, der. Tsagelnya, der. Czerwony Bank, der. Zaluzhzhya, subject to previously established queues (lists) of such citizens on September 28, 2017

List of sites is intended to provide investors and (or) organizations, in the established procedure created in Republic of Belarus these investors or with their participation, for the construction of facilities provided for prisoners with the Republic of Belarus investment treaties in the territory of Pukhavichy district

n PP


Possible purpose

Pro-Novotna plot size, ha

Availability of engineering and transport infrastructure (distance from land)

Oriented-wochna the cadastral value of the site, conventional units
per 1 sq. m.

date and number of the decision on the inclusion of the site in the list

date of posting on the website of the district Executive Committee

the person Responsible riopol coma



Shatsky highway,
adjacent to Marina Gorka



water up to 120 m
water removal up to 500m,
electricity up to 200 m,
gas up to 100m


02.09.2013№ 2568




klimowicz Maria V.

the plot has restrictions on use


in the area of AG. Blon

the construction of object


water up to 400 m,
water removal up to 400 m,
power supply up to 100m,
gas up to 200m


25.07.2016 No. 2391


klimowicz Maria V.


Based On the Decree of the President of the Republic of Belarus from 6 August 2009 №10 "On creation of additional conditions for investment activity in the Republic of Belarus" for conclusion of an investment agreement with the Republic of Belarus need to apply to the Minsk city Executive Committee

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