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The Pukhovichi region is located in the eastern part of the Minsk oblast, the centre of Belarus. It borders on the Minsk, Cherven, Uzda, Slutsk, Starye Dorogi regions of the Minsk oblast and the Osipovichi region of the Mogilev oblast. The total area of the Pukhovichi region is 2.44 thousand square kilometers. The centre of the region is the town of Maryina Gorka. The Pukhovichi region includes the settlements of Svisloch, Rudensk and Pravdinsky, 304 villages. 

The Pukhovichi region is located on the Central Berezina Lowland with most of its territory situated 160-200 meters above sea level. The major rivers are the Svisloch (with the tributaries Volma, Titovka, Talka) and the Ptich (with the tributary Shat). The lakes – Sergeyevichskoye and Materinskoye.

Mineral resources: peat, sand and gravel material, mortar sand, clay, decay ooze. 

Growing season length – 188 days.

The population of the Pukhovichi region is 71.5 thousand people including 45.7% of the urban population. Some 25.2% of the locals are engaged in the economy. The majority of the population is Belarusians (82.2%), Russians (13.4%), Ukrainians (3.3%), other nationalities (1.5%). There are four religious communities in the Pukhovichi region (Eastern Orthodox Christians, Catholics, Christians of Evangelical Faith, Christians-Baptists).

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