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Pukhovichi Regional Museum of Local Lore

The Pukhovichi Regional Museum of Local Lore was founded in 1964. The museum opened in 1968 as a school museum of the village of Dukora of the Pukhovichi region. In 1974, the museum was renamed the Pukhovichi Regional Museum of Local Lore. In 1993, the Pukhovichi Regional Museum of Local Lore was moved to the manor house of Anatoly Bonch-Osmolovsky, a revolutionist – populist, in the village of Blon. The Pukhovichi Regional Museum of Local Lore has a section dedicated to the life and revolutionary activity of Anatoly Bonch-Osmolovsky and his sons, famous Belarusian scientists. The museum has the sections which tell its visitors about the settlements of the Pukhovichi region, beekeeping, the Great Patriotic War, famous people, the literary life of the region. Among the exhibits of the museum are archeological and numismatic collections, materials about the famous countrymen – participants of the Civic War, the partisan movement and anti-fascist underground during the Great Patriotic War. The Pukhovichi Regional Museum of Local Lore also displays documents and personal belongings of the countrymen - Heroes of the Soviet Union, state and military figures, scientists, composers, actors, writers and artists. In 2001, the Maryina Gorka Art Gallery was founded on the base of the Pukhovichi Regional Museum of Local Lore. It presents the works of famous Belarusian artists: G.F. Brzhozovsky, V.S. Bartashevich, L.F. Levchenko, A.N. Pashkevich, B.F. Repin and others, sculptures created by A.M. Finsky. The exhibition hall of the gallery hosts exhibitions of other Belarusian artists, presents the works created by local craftsmen. The room “Nature of Pukhovichi Area” showcases the flora and fauna of the region, materials dedicated to the environmental protection.

One of the rooms is dedicated to the life and work of famous Belarusian poet Yakub Kolas when he lived in Maryina Gorka, Talka, Zagibelka, Podberezhye, Ustye, Berezyanka, Bolochanka in 1933-1941 and in 1945-1956.

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